Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nail Art - Lighting McQueen- From Disney Cars

 What You Will Need:
Metallic Red
Metallic Blue
Bobby Pin
Black Nail Art Paint

 Take The Metallic Red



Next Paint The Nail All Over I used 2 coats 3 tops!
 Next Get The White Nail Polish
 Next Take The White And Paint Half of the Nail Only On The left side
Then Paint The other half (left) and do a little less then half!
So that it almost looks like stairs

         |        <------- sort of Like That
 Next Take Your Black Nail art Paint
 And Out Line The White ( But Only on the top and bottoms not the sides)

 Next Take your Metallic Blue
 And Make To Splats Or Blobs ( Love Those Words)!
 Then Take Your Bobby Pin

 and make the eyes in the whites
then take the black paint ad make a dot in the blue
Then Again take the white and make a dot in black
( Sorry a lot of dots !! LoL)
And then add a top coat
My Favourite is OPI Rapid Dry

Then There You Have It , Lighting McQueen
Pow Chica Pow LOL !!!!

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